Crediting Guidelines

When you click "Complete Offer," you are redirected to the advertiser's website with tracking information. Level Rewards does not directly control the advertiser's website, nor do we control crediting.

Unless there is a tracking issue, members should receive credit if they fully complete the offer and if the advertiser validates them as a qualified lead. Level Rewards only displays if Level Rewards has received credit, we are not responsible for crediting.

In the event that you do have a missing credit, if the offer does not say that missing credit requests are not allowed, you can file a missing credit request. Missing credit requests are sent to the affiliate network that we are getting the offer from and we will only manually apply credit if the credit request is accepted and credited by the affiliate.

If the offer is marked as not accepting missing credit requests in the offer requirements or offer description, it means that you can not request or receive credit if the offer does not credit automatically.

Key factors in completing an offer properly so you receive credit

  • Fully try the offer after signing up for it. Failing to setup your account or profile or immediately closing out a offer after signing up for it can lead to it not to crediting. Advertisers are looking for potential customers. If you do not show any interest in trying the offer, you may not get credited and even if you do get credit, your credit can be revoked for failing to give the offer a fair try.
  • Use a bank credit or debit card. Many advertisers can detect the use of prepaid cards and will not credit them due to their association with low quality traffic.
  • Make sure the card has a decent balance. Many advertisers may do an authorization hold to test if the card is dead. If the authorization hold fails, the offer likely will not credit.
  • Use fully accurate and verifiable information. The use of nicknames, incorrect addresses, missing apartment numbers, bad phone numbers, etc. can lead to the offer not crediting when the advertiser does cross checks.
  • Be a new customer. Most offers will not credit someone who is in their system already and may even revoke previous credits if you try to complete it multiple times.
  • One account per household. Advertisers do not want to credit multiple people in the same household.
  • Use home WiFi. The use of public WiFi, hotspots and other shared connections can lead to crediting issues. Most advertisers only want one sign-up per household and if multiple people have already completed the offer from your internet connection, it can cause the offer not to credit.
  • No P.O. Box addresses permitted. A PO Box does not reveal your home address so that can lead to crediting issues.
  • Only one account per Person / Internet Connection or IP Address / Household. Sharing or Usage of Duplicate IP Address, Multiple Accounts Registration, and Multiple Members in one Household are strictly prohibited.
  • Complete the offer through our site link. If the offer was not completed through our site link it may not credit. Also, do not complete offers over a phone call as the completion probably won't get tracked to us.
  • Avoid anything that can be seen as potentially fraudulent.