Code of Conduct

At Level Rewards, we seek to obtain high-quality offers, to pay members who are eligible to receive a payment within a reasonable amount of time and to provide quality support.

Inevitably, we understand that there may be situations that may come up that may be frustrating for certain members. This is most often caused by situations that are beyond our direct control, such as with missing credits or issues between sponsors and referrals. If an account is put on hold, that may also cause some members to be upset if it leads to a delayed or denied payment.

As the majority of issues that members may face are either just a part of offering with 3rd party advertisers or procedures that are necessary for quality control, we hope our members understand that all of our actions are good-intentioned.

It should be understood, that as we pay eligible members, and we don't sell anything, members are affiliates and not customers of Level Rewards. Support requests should be addressed to us in at least a semi-professional manner. We reserve the right to immediately stop doing business with any member who is unable to offer with support respectfully.

Communicating with support in a way that is threatening, bullying, profane, insulting, calling the program a scam or being outright disrespectful in any other way may lead to immediate account closure.

It should also be perfectly clear that abusive, manipulative, threatening or disrespectful behavior will not change the way we process a missing credit request or offer with an account that was placed on hold.